Project Description

Hill Country contemporary

Somewhere on the continuum of contemporary-modern lives a home that pays homage to its ranch/prairie lineage but accentuates the cool minimalism that contemporary building techniques provide. A house like this one.

Three stories, in a world where ranch-style flats are the norm; this western suburban delight artfully wraps itself around the steep elevations that make one-stories so hard to position. Exterior materials are pure Hill Country, with contemporary stone, stucco and metal roof stylings combined in a palette that reflects the rugged, wooded surroundings.

Expansive glass windows and doorways maximize the interplay between indoors and the truly great outdoors that makes Austin so desirable. But once inside there’s a contemporary austerity that pervades. The tones are cool, from the blanched-wood flooring to the gleaming kitchen surfaces. Function informs the utility of the open sight-lines. Wrought iron railings accentuate the stairways and the upstairs spaces.

And yet there’s a hint of whimsy that pops up in the most unexpected places: a range hood that feels a bit like Jules Verne’s hot air balloon; a full-sail ceiling seemingly suspended from a patch of indirect lighting that sets the boundaries of the dining room area; a pair of spectacle-like round mirrors that play off each other in the his/hers vanity; a jigsaw courtyard that intersperses gravel with tile and random wisps of native grass.

In all, its an intriguing dwelling: thoroughly modern; contemporary as last evening.

5BR | 4BA
7,124 sf – living
4-car garage