Project Description

Italian villa — luxury on the lake

This Tuscan beauty drapes over a multi-level lot overlooking Lake Travis. As luxury homes go, it’s the kind of place that would seem right at home on the shore of Italy’s famed Lake Como. From our lake this 18,000 square-foot palace looks like a castle or perhaps a small village. In fact, it’s an updated rendition of a classic Italian villa – resplendent in marble, stucco and wrought iron and exquisite in every detail.

Eight columns mark the entry and once inside the twin wrought iron doors open onto a large rotunda and an elegant dual staircase. The common rooms are open and airy with ample views of the surrounding countryside and visual accents that show off exceptional craftsmanship: an intricately carved stone mantlepiece in the living room; old-time theater curtains in a sumptuous media center; a mini-rotunda surrounded the jetted tub in the master bath. The focal point of the kitchen is a custom-cut mantle that encompasses the cooktop and oven, much like a fireplace might have dominated the cooking area 200 years ago. Custom-carved kitchen cabinets support a small island with marble countertop.

The master bedroom features dark wood flooring and a built-in half canopy to accentuate a carved headboard. And the same warm theme marks the game and media rooms and an expansive wine cellar tucked discretely between the arms of the staircase.