Technically speaking, our custom home building company opened its doors in 1994. But the story actually started about 30 years ago with two 13-year-old boys growing up best buds in Georgia. Fate would move their respective families to Dallas and Austin, but Cosmo Palmieri and Lance Haley stayed in touch and decided to attend college together at the University of Texas: Cosmo on track for a degree in economics; Lance on the way to a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts.

That’s when their first business idea sprouted. They made custom furniture – blending Lance’s ability to weld “heavy metal” into art and Cosmo’s business sensibilities. They turned just enough profit to help cover extracurricular expenses in their junior and senior years. And they learned a few things:

• that their division of labor made a lot of sense.
• that they could actually work pretty well together.
• that it was the wrong product.

What both of them really wanted to do was build stuff. Cosmo’s dad had constructed skyscrapers all over the country; Lance is a third-generation hammer and nails guy. Home building was a natural next step – both for the friendship and for their respective career paths. Sendero Homes was the result.

We’re often asked what that name means. The simple answer is:
Sendero. Spanish. A winding path or trail.

The more complex answer? A typical, law firm-y, corporate kind of name doesn’t really fit a custom home builder that’s not really typical.


At Sendero Homes we bring passion to our work with clear communication, flexibility and attentiveness. From pre-construction through completion, we pride ourselves in providing a superior custom home. Our success is shown by understanding the vision and dreams of our clients and the long lasting relationships we have built.


We don’t do volume. We’d rather build a dozen really remarkable houses a year than fill a subdivision with semi-custom lookalikes.

We’re not a niche player:
• We’re as adept at the Old World/Mediterranean look that fits so well in the Texas Hill Country and in newer soft-contemporary stylings that are gaining sway of late.
• We work just as well in smaller footprints as we do in great estates and we have a history of successful 3000 square foot houses to go along with the ones that weigh in at more like 8,000.
• Our finished prices reflect that – ranging from about $500,000 to just a bit over $8-million.

We have great history:
• Almost all of our construction managers are second- or third-generation builders.
• Our prinicpals are lifelong friends, so the left hand knows what the right hand is up to.
• Repeat customers. What better way to judge success than to have a satisfied client ask you to build a second or third custom home for them. We’ve had several.


A lot of contractors crow about their custom home services. In the minds of many – customers and builders alike – “custom” has come to just be shorthand for “expensive.” Or in some circumstances “custom” means: Here are six floorplans. Pick one and we’ll tweak it a little to suit your needs. But what really makes for a great custom home building experience is when you move in and find the home you ended up with is the one that fulfills your dreams … and fits your budget.

At Sendero, “custom” means specifically and expressly fashioned just for you.

Whenever possible we like to sit in on the design process, where we’ve found – time and again – that minor changes in the drawing stage can yield major savings when the boots hit the ground. We altered the original substructure to a gravity wall for one client on a steep, rocky lot. That alone saved $40,000 without compromising the home’s structural integrity.

Or take the case of a contemporary we completed recently. The living room was dominated by a large, striking fireplace with a firebox that was unavailable as a stock component. A specialty manufacturer quoted us a price for a custom build, but the cost was well beyond budget. Lance had a different idea. He envisioned a custom sculpture that fit the space perfectly and then bought the steel and put it together himself from scratch – every last weld – for half the price the manufacturer quoted.

It was a custom solution. We make them all the time. We think that’s what makes a “custom” construction project into a house you can’t wait to get home to.